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Hereunder referred to as “JVG”

A. Any problem found by a client after JVG staff or appointed sub-contractors have left any job site must be reported in writing to JVG Sound within 24 hours of the job being completed and signed by client to acknowledge job is completed.

Please refer to admin@jvgsound.com.au

B. COD means payment by cash, EFTPOS, credit card on the date work is carried out and must be paid to JVG representative on the day of the jobs completion. JVG representative can issue a temporary invoice on the spot and a company invoice will be posted by JVG accounts department on the next working day.

COD applies in all instances where the customer does not have an authorised 14 day JVG trading account. Credit card fees will apply to credit card payments.

For those holding a credit facility with JVG, please note the following terms: all invoices are 14 days from the date job is undertaken and all late payments will incur 3% penalty interest fee, accrued daily.

C. Extra expenses chargeable:

Hardware, sundries, consumables, car parking, working platforms, daily allowances are all charged out.

D. JVG acknowledges its commitment; responsibility and warranty with any install and or repair work it or its appointed sub-contractors undertake on its behalf.

JVG warrants installations for 12 months.

All warranty work is “back to base” i.e. if JVG had to remove and reinstall any warranty items, this cost will be on charged to the goods owner. If freighting warranty items to and from the JVG office this will also be at the cost of the owner.

All product warranty is as per the product manufacturer’s terms and provided the product have been used for the purpose they were intended for.

All JVG staff and or sub-contractors are highly skilled professionals in their field and comply with the JVG work practice standards and work method statements.

Please note that JVG warranty terms and conditions apply in all instances.

E. Travel time will be charged and is chargeable to all jobs and in all circumstances including venue repairs, call outs and installations.

F. JVG business hours and rates are as follows:

Normal hours: 8:30am to 4pm Monday-Friday, with the exception of Public Holidays.

Public holidays: Will incur a penalty of double time for travel, fault finding and repair time. This includes any public holidays that fall on Saturday or Sunday.

Saturday: Time and a half from 12.01 am until 12 PM Saturday night.

Sunday: Double time from 12.01am until 8:30am Monday morning (with the exception of any Mondays which are Public holidays).

NOTE: We do not open for business or attend callouts on Christmas Day, Good Friday or Labor Day. Any callouts logged on these days will be carried over and attended to the next working day.

G. JVG will not be held liable or responsible for any loss of income or consequential loss or loss of profit from the breakdown of audio, sound, lighting, security and alarm systems caused by the following but not limited to:
electrical failure including a surge or spike; interference by any unauthorised persons other than a nominated JVG representative; vermin/insect infestations; smoke, fire or water damage including spilled liquids; storm damage, earth quakes, humidity, salt air corrosion, gradual deterioration including wear and tear, rust corrosion, accidental damage caused by or as a consequence of building work, Union holidays / strikes or renovations, war or acts of terrorism. These form a part of the comprehensive JVG terms and conditions

H. Due to job specific scope of works, please contact admin@jvgsound.com.au / 0755 991 222 to retain a copy of all job EXCLUSIONS & INCLUSIONS *

I. All or any items removed from premises by JVG Sound (other than those under JVG warranty) for repair will be covered by the client under their business content insurance, JVG does not undertake to insure goods belonging to other persons at any time.

J. If in good faith JVG arranges to replace any item by way of hire/ loan or contra to any person/venue whilst this person/venue goods are with JVG for repair, then these JVG goods will be the responsibility of the venue/person. This includes any JVG goods stolen, damaged during this loan/hire or contra time. All such incidents will be reportable to the police and covered by the person/venue insurance policy and a claim made on behalf of JVG accordingly.

K. Hourly Rates:

JVG Technician – $99.00 per hour ex GST

JVG Programming – $150.00 per hour ex GST

Bench Technician – $99.00 per hour ex GST

L. Call Out Fees:

Coolangatta / Tweed – $85.00 ex GST

Gold Coast – $95.00 ex GST

Brisbane / Byron Bay – $105.00 ex GST

Northern / North Eastern Brisbane – $115.00 ex GST

*JVG Sound Lighting & Visual’s Terms & Conditions, Exclusions & Inclusions & Pricing can change at any time without prior notice

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